Candace's work is PHENOMENAL! She has captured so many memories for our family through the years, memories that will be treasured by our entire family for generations. She pours her heart and soul into her work and it shows, everything she photographs turns out beautiful! 14/10... highly recommend!

Stephenie B.

I am just so obsessed with ALL of Candace's photos. She must be magical; she made something out of nothing coated in sweat, tantrums, frowns, flailing arms, a summer rain shower, sticky watermelon juice, mud, and sugary bribes.

Lauren L.

I am so in love with these pictures! I was in tears looking at them yesterday. Thank you so much for capturing my sweet baby and making it so easy.

Kendall T.

Candace is an incredibly talented photographer with a gift for making children at ease and capturing their natural expressions. She captures those little expressions and mannerisms that are so special and unique to each child and that are so special to parents because our babies grow up so fast! Her use of light is amazing!

Bonne P.

Candace is the kindest, gentlest photographer! I've had her in the delivery room with me, she's come to my home with my newborn, has photographed me when I had 1, 2, and 3 kiddos and has done a fantastic job each time. Love working with her! As a plus, my husband is TOTALLY willing to take pictures because she makes it so easy!

Morgan G.

We have used Candace Chaney Photography MANY times for family photos in various settings and most recently for a video montage compilation. Each and every time I am astounded by her incredible gift of portraying beauty and exquisitely capturing the spark of the moment whether it is hiding in the twinkle of a grandmother's eye, or the dimples of a reluctant smiler. We always see the finished product and think that the images are not just worth the price we paid, but we would have willingly paid even more than the cost because of the feeling/sentiment/moment that Candace captured so beautifully. I cannot say enough good things about her!

Corinne C.

Amazing videographer & photographer! Makes the process super easy & definitely has an eye for capturing the perfect moments! 10/10

Mary Catherine A.

Candace Chaney Photography has worked with our family for almost a decade now. Candace is more than a photographer-she's an artist! Her creativity sets her apart. She easily connects with people to draw out their best. No matter what mood our children have been in on arrival at an appointment with Candace, she has gotten great results...every time! She is a blessing to our family, and I know she will be to yours as well!

Jeff R.

The quality of Candace's photography is totally matched by the care she puts into her craft, the patience she has with her clients, and the joy she brings to every shoot! She makes preserving memories an art form. Candace is by far the best photographer I've ever worked with, bar none.

Ryan M.